Transition Services

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities Transition Team strive to help transition age students (ages 14-22) and families prepare for the changes that come as high school ends. The primary objective of the Transition Team is to identify students within Greene County that may qualify for our services. Once connected with services, the Transition Team can provide supports for students, families, teachers and members of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to collaborate and develop personalized transition plans based on the student’s preferences, interests, needs and strengths. As part of the person centered approach these supports could include experiential learning to assist in developing life skills that enable a student to achieve post-graduate goals and make all necessary connections to community agencies and /or services.

For Students

What do you plan to do when high school ends? Do you plan to work, attend college, or even learn a trade? Will you live at home, by yourself, or with a roommate? What will you do for fun and how will you get there? Entering adulthood can be confusing and overwhelming. The Transition Team wants to assist you as you begin planning for your adult life. The Team is ready to help guide you as you make decisions that will determine what your adult life looks like.

For Parents

What will your student do when they graduate? Would you like them to work and live as independently as possible? Will they need supports to accomplish their goals? The transition process can be a stressful time for students and their families. The Transition Team can help you navigate, connect with agency partners, and answer any questions you have. The Transition Team works closely with Greene County school districts to help students and their families prepare for adulthood. The Transition Team assists with referral for family support services, employability skills classes, in-school work opportunities, community work site visits, monthly School to Adult Life Transition (SALT) meetings, summer boot camps, promoting self-advocacy and career competitions.

For Agencies

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities Transition Team would like to come alongside your agency to help ensure that best outcomes possible for transition age students in Greene County. For the transition process to be successful, students need supports from a variety of agencies. Whether you work for an educational, vocational rehabilitation, or social services agency, the Transition Team would like to collaborate with you. The Team is dedicated to multiagency planning and sharing information and resources to provide students with a comprehensive transition experience.


Voices of Greene County

The Voices of Greene County, is our community based self-advocacy group that meets regularly to plan  presentations and activities that aim to build self-advocacy skills, and increase awareness about disability related issues.  The group holds an annual conference and discovery day for individuals to learn more about self-advocacy and explore their interests.  They also partner with various community agencies and businesses to support disability awareness.  If you are interested in participating in the group’s activities, email Dave Gleason at


Project LIFE

Project Life is a combined education and work experience program for students with disabilities. Project LIFE is focused on building the foundational skills that students will need for employment and independence in adulthood. The program consists of 25 percent classroom instruction, 25 percent instruction in daily living skills lab and 50 percent unpaid entry-level job training experiences in a variety of community businesses. The classroom instruction portion of the program introduces skills in team building, personal financial literacy, social communication, self-advocacy, technology, employability, independent living and functional independence in the community.

Applicants to Project LIFE must have met their high school graduation requirements, have acceptable attendance records and demonstrate behaviors appropriate for the community setting.

Project LIFE programs are a collaboration between Greene County ESC, Butler Tech, Greene County Board of DD, Wright State University, local school districts and area businesses.


  • Must be 18 – 21 years old
  • Must have completed all high school requirements
  • Must apply and be accepted into program

Contact Us:

Kristin Brown
Transition / Project LIFE Coordinator
Greene County ESC
(937) 767-1303, ext. 1146

This is a link to our online application for the 2024/2025 School Year:

GCESC Project LIFE Application Form

Project LIFE Newsletter