Service and Support Administration

Intake/Eligibility Determination 

An individual must reside in Greene County and be determined eligible in order to receive Greene County Board of DD services.  Eligibility SSAs work with individuals and families from the initial referral to determine if an individual qualifies for services.  Eligibility for services is a two-step process. An individual must have a qualifying diagnosis with the onset of the disability occurring prior to the age of 22, and then the individual must be assessed to display three or more substantial functions limitations on either the Children’s Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (COEDI) or Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument (OEDI).

Service and Support Administration (SSA)

Using person-centered planning, the Service and Support Administrator (SSA) assists the individual and members of the individual’s team to identify what is important to the individual (goals/future plans) and important for the individual (health/safety needs).  SSAs function as a primary point of coordination that assists the individual with the development, implementation, coordination, and monitoring of the Individualized Service Plan (ISP). SSAs also assist with provider selection and ensure that individuals have free choice when choosing from available, willing providers.  SSAs provide training on the individual ISP outcomes/supports for the selected provider.

SSAs work in partnership with the individual and the members of their ISP team to ensure that the services in the ISP meet the needs of the individual and help the individual achieve desired outcomes.  Often individuals receive services from multiple systems. The goal of Service and Support Administration is to maintain the individual as the focus while coordinating services across systems.

In the event of crisis or emergency that takes place outside of the Board’s hours of operation, eligible individuals can access an on call SSA and receive service coordination assistance. The Service and Support Administration Division also provides information about Board services and referral to community resources to all individuals regardless of their eligibility status.

Employment Navigation

The primary responsibility of Employment Navigators is to assist in the planning, coordinating, and monitoring of employment related supports to Board eligible individuals who are seeking jobs. Employment navigation supports individuals to identify their place on the path to employment and obtain services designed to help them advance on the path.  Employment navigation is not about service provision, but rather about offering targeted SSA assistance in the area of employment supports.  Our Employment Navigators work in conjunction with individuals, families, and many community partners (Ex. Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), residential providers, employers, employment services staff, etc…) to maximize the resources available to help individuals achieve their desired employment outcomes.

Behavior Supports

Through SSA referrals, our behavior supports offer assistance to individuals and their teams with developing strategies to help with behavioral challenges, and work to assure that the Board remains in compliance with regulations surrounding behavior supports and the use of restrictive measures.  For questions about behavior support services, please reach out to your SSA at the Board.

Service and Support Administration
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Residential Information:
Note that this is general residential information, and that each situation is different. Please reach out to your SSA (Service Support Administration) with questions. Don't have an SSA?
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  Heidi Reynolds, Behavior Support Specialist - (937)562-6544 (access support through SSA referral/team planning process)