Financial Management

The primary responsibility of the fiscal function is to maintain a positive cash flow to ensure all programs operate effectively. Each month the Board is presented with financial reports showing planned and actual revenue, expenses and projections for the remainder of the year. This enables the Board members and Board managers to identify potential cash shortfalls and make any needed adjustments.

The fiscal function is also responsible for the routine day-to-day activities of making deposits, paying bills, coordinating with county officials, managing payroll and overseeing the purchasing responsibilities and IT Services.

On average, approximately 87% of our annual revenue comes from local property taxes voted on by county residents, 9% comes from Medicaid and other federal reimbursements, and the remaining 4% comes from other miscellaneous sources.

Medicaid Waiver/Local Funds Administration

The County Board of DD administers three Medicaid Waiver Programs, the Individual Options, Self-Empowered Life Funding and the Level One Waivers. Our Medicaid Department oversees the enrollment/disenrollment process, monitors local Waiver capacity, individual funding ranges, and provider reimbursement for services rendered. The administration of Medicaid Programs requires abidance by all terms and conditions set forth in the federally-approved waiver documents including any appendices and attachments, related sections of the Revised Code, and administrative rules promulgated by the Ohio department of Medicaid.

In addition to the administration of Medicaid funds, this department manages the Family Support Services Program and allocates, tracks, and processes the local levy dollars that are available for all non-waiver programs offered by the county Board.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department helps the organization reach its goals by balancing the needs and goals of both the Board and the employees while being fiscally responsible to the taxpayers.

The HR department assesses staffing needs, coordinates and maintains mandatory state certification for all required employees, assists with business analysis and process improvement, ensures compliance with policy and regulations, and assists managers with performance counseling.

The Human Resources department is key in implementing the most recent health and safety rules for our staff. The individuals our staff serve require strict attention to health and safety issues. Continual training is essential for our staff to be efficient and work in a safe manner.

Lastly, the HR department is responsible for making sure a final candidate for a position, goes through a thorough background check through Ohio Bureau of Investigations, registry checks of the DD Abuse Registry, State Nurses Registry, Sex Offender Registry, OIG Fraud Registry, Government Entity Exclusion Registry, Offender Registry and the Ohio Department of Medicaid Provider Exclusion and Suspension List. The final candidate must also have a medical exam and drug screen prior to being hired.

Facilities Management

The Board operates its programs from two facilities, one which is owned by the Board and one which is owned by the County.

Information Technology

The IT Department maintains the data and voice network and all devices that are connected to it, in addition to providing staff technical support, training and IT consulting.

Tom Schaeffer
Director Finance & Administration Division
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Xenia, Ohio 45385
Ph: (937) 562-6500
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