What You Should Know About Abuse, Neglect and Major Unusual Incidents

This information has been provided to assist you in knowing how to get help and what to report when a person with developmental disabilities is thought to be involved in incidents that adversely affect their health and safety.

How are persons abused?


Physical pain or injury.
Examples: slapping, kicking, hitting, pinching, pushing

Verbally: Language/Gestures that threaten, insult, or show disrespect.
Examples: name-calling, or yelling at a person

Mentally: Harassing, humiliating, fear, threats
Examples: repeated teasing, threatening to withhold care of property

Sexually: Inappropriate touching, or sexual gratification to someone.
Examples: kissing, fondling, coercion, indecent exposure, intercourse

Neglect: Willful or deliberate failure to respond to an incident that causes harm or injury; or failure to provide food, medical, or personal care.
Examples: ignoring incontinence, not intervening to protect a client

Violation of Rights: Any incident where basic client rights are ignored; failure to provide appropriate programming or behavior support, confining a person unfairly.
Examples: opening mail, denying privacy, discussing private information with others

Exploitation: A caretaker using a person's money or belongings for personal benefit, profit, or gain.
Examples: borrowing money, clothing, or belongings from clients

Unusual Incidents:

An event not consistent with routine operation, policies, procedures, care, or habilitation plan. (excludes – Abuse/Neglect MUI's)

Major Unusual Incidents (MUI'S):

Death (natural, accidental, suicide, homicide)

Attempted Suicide (not ideation {thinking} but actions which could lead to death)

Disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake which results in injury or removal from a living situation

Law Enforcement Involvement (ONLY arrest, charges, incarceration)

Injury / Illness Resulting in Unanticipated Hospitalization or ER Treatment (including Mental Health admission, "Urgent Care" treatment)

Life Threatening Reaction (from taking medications; failure to take meds, failure to follow prescribed dietary or medical treatment plan, pattern of med errors) reaction examples include: shock, coma, seizure

What you need to know about reporting Abuse, Neglect and MUI's:

The Ohio Department of DD and provider agencies associated with the Department will not tolerate abuse or neglect of persons with disabilities.

Any person providing services to an individual with DD, irrespective of setting, is required to report alleged, suspected, or actual occurrences of abuse of neglect.

Failure to report abuse/neglect may result in a fine up to $500.

Staff persons are responsible not only for their own actions, but for following proper procedures to prevent abuse of clients by others, including visitors, co-workers, other clients, and family members.

Employers cannot bring suits or retaliation against an employee for good faith reporting of suspected abuse or neglect.

Be ready to respond:

Your job is to report abuse, neglect and MUI's and to protect persons with disabilities; not to investigate.

When you observe, have knowledge of, or suspect an incident, you should:

1. Intervene immediately and protect the individual.

2. Ask only what happened, when and where it happened, and were there any witnesses. Leave it to the investigator to ask detailed questions.

3. Notify the Greene County Board of DD Investigative Agent immediately. Call 937-562-6784 and state that you want to report an MUI.

4. Document the incident while it is still fresh in your mind. Written report within 24 hours of occurrence.

The County Board is then responsible for investigating the incident and reporting to other appropriate agencies.

Greene County Board of DD Investigative Agent

Josh Carson: 937-562-6540,   FAX-937-562-6539
Kemmes Keys: 937-562-6576,   FAX-937-562-6539

After 4:00 p.m. please call 937-562-6500 and leave a message, including your name and phone number. The on-call emergency staff person will get the message and return your call if necessary.

NOTE: If the victim of abuse or neglect is a child (under age 22), call Greene County Children Services at 937-562-6600. Then call the Greene County Board of DD Investigative Agent(s) at 937-562-6540 or 937-562-6576.