Homecroft, Inc


A part of the community

Founded in 1991, Homecroft Inc. is a not for profit corporation whose objective is to purchase homes for Greene County individuals with disabilities so they may live more independently and become contributing members of their communities. Currently Homecroft owns 34 properties in which individuals with disabilities reside.

Funding for the purchase of these homes comes through a variety of sources. Capital Housing Assistance Grants from the state; Community Development Block Grants from the county, and personal funding provide the majority of the monies.

Individuals residing in these homes are responsible for the rent payments and utilities.

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Current members of the Homecroft Inc. board are:

  • Dale Hagler
  • Missy Frost
  • Mike Blakesly
  • Pam Gayheart
  • Christine Grebner
  • Paige Rizzotte