Provider Supports

The Provider Supports Department offers supports and oversight activities aimed at developing and maintaining positive partnerships with providers and our local communities, which foster quality care and integration for the individuals we serve.

We offer assistance to current providers certified by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) and those working to become certified.  This assistance includes help with the initial and renewal certification process, background checks, CPR and First Aid training, initial and annually required training, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training, medication administration certification training, and ongoing compliance support.  We complete an orientation process with newly certified providers, where responsibilities are reviewed and connections are made with Board supports.  We also perform local provider compliance reviews as assigned by DODD.  Through our Medication Administration Quality Assurance Reviews, conducted by our Quality Assurance RN, we work with providers and SSAs to confirm that the required standards for medication administration and other health related activities are being met. For information on how to become a certified provider, and provider resources, visit the Provider Supports tab on our website,   For provider related assistance, email

Our Investigative Agent investigates and documents Major Unusual Incidents (MUI) per the protocol established by DODD.  The Investigative Agent (IA) works closely with SSAs, providers, law enforcement, Children Services, and other community entities, to support timely reporting and communication, and appropriate follow-up related to preventative measures.  The IA reports to our Board monthly on MUIs, including a comparison of current trends with those in past years.  The IA is responsible for the MUI Stakeholder Committee that looks to identify system challenges and suggested changes to support the health and safety of individuals served. For questions related to unusual incidents, or to report incidents, email

Through SSA referrals, our behavior supports offer assistance to individuals and their teams with developing strategies to help with behavioral challenges, and work to assure that the Board remains in compliance with regulations surrounding behavior supports and the use of restrictive measures.  For questions about behavior support services, please reach out to your SSA at the Board.

We collaborate with local businesses and providers to offer meaningful opportunities for individuals in their communities.   Based on individual feedback we coordinate community activities throughout the year including banquets and dances, music therapy, visual arts programs, physical fitness activities, and sporting events. For information about the recreation opportunities available to Board eligible individuals, email

The Voices of Greene County, is our community based self-advocacy group that meets regularly to plan  presentations and activities that aim to build self-advocacy skills, and increase awareness about disability related issues.  The group holds an annual conference and discovery day for individuals to learn more about self-advocacy and explore their interests.  They also partner with various community agencies and businesses to support disability awareness.  If you are interested in participating in the group’s activities, email Dave Gleason at


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