Transitional Services

General Overview

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities Transition Team strives to help students and families prepare for the changes that come as High School ends. The primary objective of the Transition Team is identifying students within Greene County that may qualify for services. Once connected with services, the Transition Team can assist students with developing an individualized transition plan to ensure that they transition successfully from high school to a community job. Wherever transition age students (ages 14-22) find themselves, the transition team can positively affect their post high school outcomes.

For Students

What do you plan to do when high school ends? Do you plan to work, attend college, or learn a trade? Will you live at home, by yourself, or with a roommate? What will you do for fun and how will you get there? Entering adulthood can be confusing and maybe overwhelming. The Transition Team wants to assist you as you begin planning for your adult life. The team can help you explore employment options and develop the skills necessary to find employment. The team is ready to help guide you as you make decisions that will determine what your adult life looks like.

For Parents

What will your student do when the school bus stops coming? Would you like them to work and live as independently as possible? Will they need supports to accomplish their goals? The transition process can be a stressful time for students and their families, and the Transition Team can help you navigate, connect with agency partners, and answer any questions you have.   The Transition Team works closely with Greene County school districts to help students and their families prepare for adulthood. The Transition Team assists with employ-ability skills classes, in-school work opportunities, employer work site visits, monthly SALT meetings and career competitions. The Transition Team can attend your student’s IEP meeting or meet with you any time.

For Agencies

The Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities Transition Team would like to come along side your agency to help ensure the best outcomes possible for transition age students in Greene County. For the transition process to be successful, students need supports from a variety of agencies. Whether you work for an educational, vocational rehabilitation, or social services agency, the Transition Team would like to collaborate with you. The team is dedicated to multiagency planning and sharing information and resources to provide students with a comprehensive transition experience.