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Founded in 1991, Homecroft, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to purchase homes for individuals eligible for services from the Greene County Board of DD, so that they may live more independently and become contributing members in their communities.

Funding for the purchase of these homes comes through a variety of sources, including Capital Housing Assistance Grants from the State of Ohio; Community Development Block Grants from Greene County; the Greene County Board of DD; and personal funding. These financial sources provide the majority of the monies required to purchase Homecroft, Inc. homes.

It is Homecroft, Inc’s goal to provide safe, affordable and accessible housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. Homecroft, Inc. now owns and maintains over 30 properties including single-family homes, condominiums and a duplex.

Individuals residing in these homes must have the available resources for their portion of the rent payments, utilities and any personal expenses.  These resources may include, but not limited to Section 8 housing assistance, social security income, earned wages and food stamps.  It is Homecroft’s desire to maximize the availability of their housing opportunities by working closely with Greene County Board of DD to facilitate roommate match possibilities and to ensure tenants available Waiver or other funding will support their staffing needs/costs.

Homecroft, Inc. provides all maintenance and upkeep for each home, ranging from basic home repairs to shoveling snow. Homecroft, Inc.’s maintenance staff takes pride in keeping each home functional and beautiful from the inside out, with the goal of “being the best on the block.”

To contact Homecroft, Inc., please call 937-562-6500.