Efficient Operations

Financial Management

The primary responsibility of the fiscal function is to maintain a positive cash flow to ensure all programs operate effectively. Each month the board is presented with financial reports showing planned and actual revenue and expenses and projections for the remainder of the year. This enables the board members and board managers to identify potential cash shortfalls and make any needed adjustments.

The fiscal function is also responsible for the routine day to day activities of making deposits, paying bills, coordinating with county officials, managing payroll and overseeing the purchasing responsibilities.

On average, approximately 85 percent of annual revenue comes from local property taxes voted on by county residents. The state provides 5 percent, while 8 percent comes from Medicaid and other federal reimbursements and 2 percent from other local sources. On average, 24 percent of our expenses go for our children's programs, 56 percent for our adult programs, and 20 percent for community residential and family support services.

Medicaid Waiver Administration

The expansion of the Medicaid Waiver Program in Ohio has helped reduce waiting lists, provide more choices for clients and their families, and strengthen the system to ensure the health and safety of people with DD. Waiver administration includes: reviewing and approving of information to make sure assessments are complete and the Individual Services Plan (ISP) addresses the needs properly; providing authorization for services; providing contracts with providers and payment for contracted services; compliance with Medicaid regulations and related rules; and quality assurance.

Human Resources

The superintendent is the appointing authority for all board employees. The goal of the human resources function is to ensure that sufficiently trained staff are on hand so the Board can carry out its mission.

Greene County DD currently has approximately 121 full-time equivalent employees. All employees of the board are civil service employees, either classified or unclassified. All positions require at least a high school diploma or equivalent. All direct service positions are either required to be licensed by the state of Ohio or be certified by the Ohio Department of DD.

Because we work with a segment of the population that requires strict attention to health and safety issues, state law requires that we thoroughly screen all final job applicants by performing not only a criminal background check, but checks of the DD Abuse Registry, the state Nurses Registry, Sex Offender Registry, OIG Fraud Registry, Government Entity Exclusion Registry, Offender Registry, and state driving records. In addition, all final applicants must successfully complete a medical exam including drug screening. All classified employees must serve a probation period of 300 days for management and professional positions and 180 days for all other positions.

Working for the Board requires a dedicated individual. If you are interested in a position with us, all of our open positions are posted here. You may also stop by our administrative offices on Valley Road to inquire about openings



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