Family Support Services

Updated: 12/18/2018

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Request for Voucher Form

The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) provides funding for supports and services to families living in Greene County caring for a family member with developmental disabilities living at home with their parent, guardian or primary caregiver.

The provisions of these guidelines apply to the family, including the family member who receives reimbursement from the Family Support Services Program.


Note: December 18, 2018

A letter sent on Friday, December 14, 2018 to Greene County Board of DD families who are currently using Family Support Services has raised some questions (view letter here, and the guidelines above).  Hopefully this letter will provide some clarification.  The changes to Family Support Services are meant to simplify the process and allow more families to access the funds that are available.  The program itself has not changed.

- We will post the new process on the Greene County Board of DD website.  You will also be contacted   or receive a Welcome Packet from Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments with everything you will need to request funds.

- Janel Lee will continue to be your local contact for any questions.  You may call her at 937-562-6510 or email her at

- You will now send your request for funds directly to the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments. The request may be sent by phone, email or mail and may be sent any time during the month. You will not need to make a call on the first day of the month to access funds! Janel Lee will be available to help you with any questions as you complete your request.

- The Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments will review requests for funding and make decisions based on specific directions given by the Greene County Board of DD.

- When an individual reaches the $800 annual limit, the individual or guardian may request an assessment.  The assessment will determine if they have an ongoing need that qualifies for additional funding.

- Individuals may make one request, up to the $800 annual funding limit, for needs that continue from month to month.  For example, an individual with ongoing therapy needs or monthly requests for Attends would not need to submit a request each month.

- Camp fees will continue to be available and will not come out of the $800 limit.  Funds will be available to individuals for one camp per calendar year.

- All Funds will be administered on a calendar year basis beginning January 1, 2019.

- Your check or voucher will continue to be issued by the Southwestern Ohio Council of Governments.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Janel Lee (937-562-6510) or Tom Schaeffer (937-562-6513).  (Janel will be out of the office until January 2, 2019.)


Thomas Schaeffer, Medicaid Services Manager