A Focus on Independent Living

The Community Services Division is responsible for the following functions:
Service and Support Administration
Supported Living
Family Support Services (FSSP)
Medicaid Waiver Administration
Public Education

Service and Support Administration

Service And Support Administration, or Service Coordination, supports eligible individuals in determining and pursuing their life goals. Often individuals receive services from multiple systems. The goal of Service coordination is to maintain the individual as the focus while coordinating services across systems. Service Coordination also provides a single point of accountability that assists the individual with implementing the Individualized Service Plan (ISP).

Once an individual is eligible for services the following assistance is available: Assessment of specific service needs; Development/Revision of the Individual Service Plan; Assistance with Provider Selection; Coordination of services; Monitoring Services; Ensuring Identification of a Designated Personal Representative; Crisis/ Emergency/Intervention; Quality Assurance Reviews. In addition to these services, Information and Referral Services are available regardless of eligibility status.

Supported Living

Supported Living is a way to assist individuals with a Developmental Disability to live as independently as possible in their own communities, with support from public funds. Services may be provided in the home of the individual, who lives on his/her own, or in the family home in which the individual resides. An individual may share supported living with up to three other individuals in a supported living arrangement. Service providers chosen by the individuals sharing services may not also be the landlord. An Individual Services Plan (ISP) will be developed for each person participating in the Supported Living program. [Return to top]

Family Support Services

The Family Support Services Program (FSSP) provides supports, services, and help to enable families to provide home care for their family members with disabilities or to enhance the quality of life for that family member. A primary goal for families using this service is to assist in caring for individual family members in their homes. The support provided with FSSP funds enhances the quality of life for the entire family unit, and includes: respite care, adaptive equipment, and home modifications to accommodate the family member with a disability, special diets, and other services /items that are individualized to meet the needs of the family.

In order to access FSS funds, the family must be caring for the person with a developmental disability at home, and the individual must be eligible for services through their local County Board of Developmental Disabilities (even if the individual is not receiving County Board services at that specific time). Family financial responsibility for these services/items is through a co-payment plan based on a sliding fee scale determined by annual income. Requests will be funded if the family is eligible for services, if the funds are available, and if the items/services cannot be funded by any other source. Click here to view Family Support Services Program Guidelines (Jan - Dec 2019) and Request Voucher Forms.  [Return to top]

Public Education

Brochures detailing the programs and supports of the Board are created and upgraded on a regular basis; newsletters are published on a as need basis and distributed to all clients, their families, public libraries, learning institutions and mailed to those who have requested copies.

Guest speaking at local service group meetings, school-sponsored meetings and in college classes provides an opportunity to detail the Board’s programs. If your organization would like to schedule a speaker, please contact the Board office at 562-6500. [Return to top]


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